Panel blinds

Panel blinds for rooms, windows & doors

Panel blinds – a great room dividing solution without the expense of moving house!

Stacked neatly behind each other and easy to manoeuvre, Panel blinds are a fabulous option to creating more shared space.

  • Choose from plain or patterned fabrics
  • All of our Panel blinds are made to measure to your specific requirements
  • Easy to operate
  • Fabric screen is created when blinds are closed
  • A great blind for large windows or doors

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Panel blinds

Panel Blinds from NNB

Our Panel blinds truly are an elegant and versatile blind that were designed with the larger window and patio doors in mind.  The blind is made up of large panels of fabric which can be stored one behind the other when opened and have the option of bunching left, right or meeting in the middle.  They are hung from a bracket and can be easily taken down for cleaning and repositioning.

Panel blinds are operated by either a wand or cord for flexibility and you can choose from a great range of colours and fabrics.

  • Fabrics can be stacked one behind the other when open
  • Great range of colours and fabrics to choose from
  • Great for creating more space
  • Stylish and modern blind for patio doors & larger windows
  • Easy to maintain

Our Panel blinds are tailor made on site and made to measure to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

Panel blinds

Panel for Patio Doors!

Panel blinds are not only for creating more space but can be used on large windows, patio doors and as a room divider.

Patio doors can be tricky when it comes to window blinds, which is why our panel blinds are so popular.  You can layer your fabric to one side or meet in the middle depending on your design.  The fabric panel widths are made to measure to suit your window size and operating needs.

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