Here at North Notts Blinds, we take pride in the product we are able to produce.
We’re proud that our products are made in Britain and that we supply jobs to the local community.
We’re proud of our team and we’re proud of our roots.
Below is a list of the products we’re able to supply. Take a look!


●Vertical Blinds
– Sealed Bottom Pockets
– PVC Rigid
-Sloping and Curved Vertical Blinds
● Roller Blinds
-Slow Rise & Soft Rise Roller Blinds
-Vision Roller Blinds
-Duo Link Roller Blinds
●Venetian Blinds
-Aluminium Venetian Blinds
-Wood Slat Blinds
-Wood Style Blinds
-Privacy Venetian Blinds
●Traditional Roman Blinds
-Fully Lined Roman Blinds
●Pleated Blinds
– Skylight
-Shaped Roof
●Perfect Fit Blinds
● Awnings
● Panel Blinds
● Shutters


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