Panel blinds

Blinds for patio doors

JAMBOREE_WHITE_2 email v21BBuying blinds for large windows and doors can be a problem if you’re not sure where to look.  At NNB we have a great selection of fabrics to choose from, whether you’re looking for plain or patterned, we’re sure we’ll have something to suit.

Our panel blinds are easy to operate using a wand or cord and each panel sits neatly behind each other allowing maximum light into your room.

All of our window blinds are handmade in the UK and made to your specific requirements.

Why not call 01636 614100 or pop into our Nottinghamshire showroom and speak to one of our lovely Window Blind Specialists.

Panel blinds

Divide your room…

Create multiple rooms with our quality panel blinds.

Loads of fabulous colours and patterns to choose from and all at affordable prices.

Why not pop into our Newark showroom and browse our collection of panel blinds and talk to our lovely Window Blind Advisor’s.

Our panel blinds are also suitable for large patio doors and windows, shown below.


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Panel blinds

Large window blinds

Thinking of replacing your patio door curtains for blinds?

Our Panel blinds are just what you’re looking for!

Specially designed with large windows and patio doors in mind, our Panel blinds are made to a high standard and are available in many fabrics.


Visit our Newark showroom or give us a call on 01636 614100 for more information.

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Panel blinds

Colourful panel blinds

Panel blinds for patio doors, large windows or dividing rooms.

These ingenious blinds stack neatly one behind the other and are a great solution if you’re looking to create divided space, or simply furnish large windows and doors.

High quality materials and plenty of fabrics to choose from – just call into our showroom in Newark and see for yourself.

We’re open Monday to Friday 9am to 4.15 – if you can’t make it, you can always email


Panel blinds

Quality Panel Blinds

If you have large patio doors or large windows then why not consider our Panel blinds – did you know they are also suitable for dividing rooms?

These blinds are made up of large panels of fabric which can be stored one behind the other when opened and have the option of bunching left, right or meeting in the middle.

They are hung from a bracket and can be easily taken down for cleaning and re-positioning.

Why not pop into our showroom in Newark and view our demonstration blinds, browse our extensive range of fabrics and speak to one of our wonderful Sales Advisor’s!

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Panel blinds

Quality panel blinds

LL_Panel_Pharoah_Mix_2 (2)

Create more space and separate rooms with Panel window blinds.  Great quality and wide choice of fabrics.  Can also be used for large windows and patio doors.

Made to measure to your specific requirements.

Panels are stored neatly one behind each other and are easy to take down for cleaning.

Visit North Notts Blinds and browse our fabric collection Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable Blinds Advisor’s for more information on 01636 614100 or email