Child Safe Blinds, kids rooms, Motorised Roller Blinds, Motorised Visage Rollers

Visage Motorised Rollers


Keep your family safe this summer with our Visage Motorised Roller Blinds.

These beautiful blinds are designed to filter sunlight through their vanes whilst allowing plenty of daylight.

With plenty of fabrics to choose from and all at an affordable price, they’re an absolute must for June.

The Visage Motorised roller is available with a ‘one touch’ battery operated motor and slimline handset making them even easier to use.

Because of their motorised features it make them great for around the family home or if you have hard to reach blinds.


Why not call into our showroom in Newark and see these lovely blinds in action.  We’re open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Give us a call on 01636 614100 or email


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