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Visage Rollers

Check out our NEW range of ‘Visage Roller‘.

With their 2 layers of soft fabric, attached by horizontal sheer vanes, the Visage roller creates a soft and calming atmosphere within the home.


In its fully opened position the Visage fabric offers beautifully defused light whilst maintaining the outdoor view. When partially or fully retracted, the blind fabric gives you unique privacy levels.


If you’re looking for a child and pet friendly solution, the Visage roller is also available as a Motorised option, which uses a ‘One Touch’ battery operated motor and slimline handset.

Feel free to contact NNB with any questions on these fabulous blinds – we’re open until 5pm today.

Or, if you prefer; email  Don’t forget you can always pop into our Newark branch and see these lovely blinds in action.


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