Antimicrobial Vertical Blinds, Classic Verticals, Sealed Bottom Pocket Vertical Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Vogue Headrails

Vogue Headrails



Sleek Design ¦ Louvre Spacing ¦ Reliable ¦ Low Maintenance ¦ Robust Material

Handmade in the UK

Available with our Ultrasonically sealed, Antimicrobial & Classic Verticals.

These great blinds have a unique ‘louvre equalling’ system means you can say goodbye to having to adjust the ‘rest’ position of your blinds, with the Vogue ensuring that your Vertical Blind will retain it’s layout, open or closed.

Visit our showroom in Newark or

give us a call on 01636 614100 – we’re open today until 5pm!

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