Freehang pleated, Pleated Blinds, Skylight pleated

Skylight and Freehang Pleated Blinds

arctic white_2 (2)Skylight Pleated Blinds:

  • EquiPleat System to keep the pleats evenly spaced and help your Skylight looking as good as new.
  • Great for hanging in non vertical positions, such as skylight or the roof.
  • Heat and light control for sensitive areas of the home or office.
  • Flame Retardant fabrics are available with these blinds.



Dining_Cellular (2) Freehang Pleated Blinds

  • Our Solar Protective Coating (SPC) range are great for reflecting the suns rays in south facing rooms.
  • The EquiPleat system keeps your pleated blind in superb shape for the life of it’s use, ensuring each pleat remains evenly spaced and looking great!
  • A superb choice of fabrics


For more information on pleated blinds, why not give us a call on 01636 614100 or visit our Newark showroom.


























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