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Motorised Roller Blinds

North Notts Blinds are pleased to announce a new range of roller blinds – These Motorised Rollers are available as battery powered, rechargeable or mains powered.  Switching to motorised doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive and don’t forget you can contact one of our Window Blind Advisor’s if you need help with choosing your new Motorised Blinds.

These blinds are also child safe because they use either a control wand or are operated via remote control, making them completely child and pet friendly.

You can also customise your new Motorised Roller blinds by choosing; braids, scallops and poles from our lovely collection of accessories.

Still not sure?  Check out our motorised roller blind video on Motorised Rollers to see them in action!

2-handsets-580x328 pink-stipe-motorised-roller-580x328control-wand-580x328

Don’t forget we’re open until 5pm MONDAY – FRIDAY!

Call 01636 614100 for more details


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