Antimicrobial Vertical Blinds, Vertical Blinds

Bacteria Reducing Blinds!

Yes, it’s true!  At North Notts Blinds, we have a selection of Vertical blinds that can indeed reduce bacterial growth such as MRSA and E-Coli!

Our Antimicrobial range of vertical blinds have silver properties which means these blinds can be used safely in the home, nursery, kitchen and even the bathroom.

This Silver Technology range of vertical blinds are already established within commercial sectors such as healthcare, education and hospitality.

These are just some of our lovely colours in our Antimicrobial range…

Luna Cream
Luna Cream Antimicrobial Vertical Blinds
Luna Lilac Antimicrobial Vertical Blinds
Luna Pink Antimicrobial Vertical Blinds







Don’t forget you can call into our Newark Showroom and talk to our friendly Window Blind Advisor’s, view our selection of fabrics, accessories and more.

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