Child Safe Blinds, Roller Blinds, Vision Blinds

Motorised Vision Roller Blinds

Looking for something a little different?

Our Motorised Vision Rollers are popular amongst those with children or pets because they don’t contain any hanging parts, making them completely child & pet safe.






Motorised rollers allow you to control up to 15 blinds from just one control and are available as wired or battery powered and with easy to follow user guides – what more could you want?  Still not sure?  Check out our website where you will find helpful videos on how these great roller blinds work.

Vision blinds are available in sheer metallics, subtle tones and natural wood weave effects allowing you great choice for your interior designs!

Sorrento Vision blinds
Sorrento Vision blinds









Don’t forget our blinds are handmade right here in the UK!

Call 01636 614100 or call into our Newark showroom to see our Vision Rollers in action!





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