North Notts Blinds, Sunshine

Texture Like Sun

Hello again!
My gosh hasn’t the weather been so lovely recently. We’ve all been very lucky to see so much of the Sunshine and the warm weather has come just in time for the School Summer Break. Everyone has their Summer wardrobe in full use and pub gardens are brimming with happy people.
Unfortunately with the Sun comes a consequence. People find that the rooms they use for a cool retreat have turned into hot boxes, there is nowhere cool to hide unless you sit in front of an open fridge door! When we go to bed, we find that the bedroom has been neglected during the day and has also become a place for heat to manifest into that muggy, sticky, uncomfortable temperature.
On top of that, upholstery such as leather suites, wooden tables, fabric covered sofas and carpets begin to fade because they’re exposed to direct Sunlight. People find they have ‘patchy’ furniture and need to replace it long before they really should.
When watching TV, people sit and squint at their screens as the Sun blazes through the window or reflects off the TV. Closing curtains makes the room too dark – after all, why would we want to shut the Sunshine out when it’s a rarity here?!
There really doesn’t seem to be any escape or happy medium.

Or is there?

Yes! While some people use curtains to shade their room, they don’t allow for much air to flow so the cool air coming in stays behind the curtain or it makes it too dark.
Why not try Window Blinds?
While Window Blinds come in a whole array of colours and densities, you can ensure that you’re in control of the light. Utilise your window space to become a way of using the Sun to your advantage. Keep Blinds closed during the day to help shade furniture and upholstery while still allowing some light in but keeping the harmful rays out. Open Blinds to brighten your room or keep them half open to allow a controlled balance.

Don’t let the Sun spoil your Summer, make sure your shady retreat stays cool and stylish with a Window Blind made especially for you, to your taste, requirements or needs.


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