Monday Mood

Hello again everyone.
I suppose by now you’re thinking that this Blog will be updated daily, but I assure you it won’t. Only when I catch a couple of minutes will I be able to update!
Anyway, I’ve gone off tangent – again.

The Monday Mood. Everyone will have experienced this at some point in their lives and if you’re living with a teenager, you’ll experience it more than once!
The morning after the weekend before; no lie-in, no lazy day, no sitting in the garden drinking tea. No. The alarm sounds and the silence is broken. All of those lovely calm feelings are lost in the race for the bathroom. The morning rush of cereal, coffee and if you’re lucky, the occasional newspaper soon turns into morning rush hour. People stressing before they even arrive at their place of work and then there’s the weekend back-log. Have you ever had one of those mornings?
Well, not here! We don’t have those mornings here at North Notts Blinds!
If someone is experiencing this, as soon as they walk through the door to punch in, they smile – and we keep on smiling all day long.
Don’t worry if your day has started out a little bit rubbish, regardless of how much you love your job we all have ‘one of those days’. It’ll get better as the day goes on, someone will be there to lend an ear to chew or to swap a smile.
No, here at North Notts Blinds we try our very best to give 100% every day and if it isn’t good enough, we try even harder!
Besides, who can be grumpy with the beautiful weather we’re so lucky to have?! It’s brilliant!

So here’s to an excellent week – lots of smiles, lots of enthusiasm and lots of happiness to share.
Have a great week everyone and HAPPY MONDAY   (:


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