Not enough hours in the day.

I never really understood that saying. Nor did I ever understand the saying, ‘not enough days in the week.’ Sure, as a kid there was plenty of time to do everything you wanted but as you get older and life becomes a lot less self-orientated, you begin to wonder how your parents ever managed it! The point I’m making here, all be it not a very good one, is I’m Jessica. This is my first post on behalf of North Notts Blinds and hopefully I’ll be posting more.

We’re a company who manufacture for the Trade. Window Blinds are our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and we’ll still go back for Dessert! We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our competitive prices to match. Our Customer Sales Team are always on hand, 5 days a week, to help anyone who has a query and the service even comes with a smile!

Recently, I’ve been promoting new ways to be noticed and creating new ways to help our customers. Composing a Newsletter monthly is one way in which we’re able to get across anything important but keep it light hearted without the hassle of customers receiving lots of updates at random times. *breathe* We host a competition to our Account Holders and we’ve even got discussions on Facebook for Account Holders only. It’s a beehive of activity here!

We just ♥love what we’re doing and we want to show you all just how much!

Follow us on here or Facebook and see what we get up to!


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